June 2019: New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2019

June 2019: My composition Cri (Schwebungen II) was selected by the                                      New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2019 and will be performed in June.           https://nycemf.org/list-of-accepted-works/

May 2019: Lecture and concert @ Kunstuni Graz

CUBE Lecture and Open Cube concert - Realität und Artifizialität.                 Works by Martina Claussen and Kenn Mouritzen Dienstag, 14.05.2019 19-21h


April 2019: Klänge einer Ausstellung @ Lentos Museum, Linz

Kompositionen und Improvisationen im Lentos Museum 

Jan.2019 SYMPLAST: Performance @Rhiz, Vienna

Performance with Symplast aka Tobias Leibetseder+Martina Claussen (voices and electronics) and Conny Zenk (visuals) 

December 2018: Voices #1 - Concert with my students @ University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

14.12.2018 Alter Konzertsaal, MDW Wien

piano (Julia Tinhof), cembalo (Marco Primoltini), live-electronics (Martina Claussen) and stagedesign (Christina Flügger, Lena Müller).

2018 September: Ars Electronica 2018 Error - the Art of Imperfection, Linz-Austria

Performance of my work [connected]1.2. (on the 8.9.2018 - Sonic Lab @ BrucknerUni Linz) @ Ars Electronica Festival 2018

2018 July-September: Exhibition Musica Femina at Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna

My work 'Flashback' is part of the 'Raum der Zeitgenossinnen' of the Exhibition Musica Femina from 4.7.2018-2.9.2018

2018 July: New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018

My work [connected]1 was selected by the New York City Elecroacoustic Music Festival 2018 and will be performed in July.

2018 May: Stream Festival Linz

Urfahraner Himmelswerke 31.5.2018

Schwebungen II  for 8-channel speaker system

2018 May: Audible Atoms: Ernst Krenek Synthesizer neu interpretiert, Alte Schmiede Wien

New piece with recordings of Buchla sounds and live electronics with voice and pickups created by Hidden Shards aka Irradiation and Martina Claussen.

2018 April: Expériences du son 70 ans de musique concrète #2, Paris

Concert in Paris with the Acousmonium Motus: Works by Pierre Schaeffer, Nicolas Marty, Martina Claussen and Luc Ferrari.

Interpretation: Jonathan Prager

2018 March: Performance at FYLKINGEN, Fridays Push - Stockholm

 Performance at FYLKINGEN, Fridays Push - Stockholm 23.3.2018

2018 March: Acousmatic concert: SONIC WAVES in Milan, Italy

Acousmatic concert: SONIC WAVES in Milan, Italy 17.3.2018

2018 February: Acousmatic concert in Leicester, GB.

 Acousmatic concert in Leicester with my piece 'Lisa ' on the 21.2.2018

2018 January: Acousmatic concert in Klagenfurt, Austria

Acousmatic concert in Klagenfurt, Austria 17.1.2018


Martina Claussen: [connected] (2017) UA/premiere  25.11.2017

Release Compilation Singularities#4

Release of my electroacoustic composition 'Flashback' on the Compilation Singularities#4.

Soundinstallation 'stimmen hören' @ Porgy & Bess

Soundinstallation  'stimmen hören' 12.10.-22.11.2017

 Vernissage 12.10 2017, 7pm


Paesaggio sonoro: International Symposium On Soundscape - 27.-30.9.2017 Cagliari, Italy

My composition `fluid ribbons´ was selected by the FKL International Symposium on soundscape and will be performed this upcoming September.


My piece "Flashback" will be presented at ARS ELECTRONICA 2017 on the 9.9.2017

Festival Futura 2017 Crest, France 23.-26.8.2017

My composition `Flashback´ was selected by Festival Futura 2017 and will be performed on The Acousmonium Motus on the 23.8. 2017 with generous support by the Austrian Cultural Forum Paris.



My pieces "Flashback" and "Fairy Tale" were selected by the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2017 and performed on the 22.6.2017.

On Dialogue Festival 15.-16.2017, Vienna

Christin Fuhs - vertical dance

Martina Claussen - electronics, voice, objects


 Live-Elektronik mit Objekten und Stimme/Text at Mo.ë Vienna, 10.3.2017

WAS BLEIBT NUN ANDERES ZU TUN ALS EWIGLICH ZU TANZEN? (Hafiz) Martina Claussen & Elisabeth Hillinger

3-Kanal fixed media, Stimme und Tanzimprovisation
Martina Claussen, Konzept & Komposition
Elisabeth Hillinger, Stimme und Tanzimprovisation at Elak Sounds - Echoraum 28.1.2017, Vienna

Interdisciplinary Festival Shut up and listen 2016: 9.12.2016 Vienna

Sound l Architecture: Premiere of my new piece "fluid ribbons" 2016 fixed media 5.14min.

Sound sources of the piece: the human voice; various synthesizers, field recordings, and a tam-tam. Maybe due to the interaction of opposing materials a new view towards the sky is made possible. 

Online Sound Magazine Huellkurven: Release November 2016

Happy to be part of the 5th issue of the online sound poetry magazine huellkurven with my piece #fairy tale. 

#fairy tale 2016 , fixed media 4.03 min.

The only soundsource of the piece #fairy tale is my voice. The use of electroacoustic tools allows me to extend the voice into new areas of expression and to develop another sonic language for the human voice.Breathing, humming, creeping, playing and questioning - where are we? The piece plays with hints, associations and memories.


Bienal Internacional de Música Electroacústica de Sao Paulo, 11.10.2016 Brazil

My new composition „flash back“ was performed at the BIMESP XI 

Bienal Internacional de Música Electroacústica de Sao Paulo; Brazil 

on the 11.10.2016

Acousmatic Music Festival: Sounds around me, 30.9-2.10.2016 Vienna

with compositions by Anestis Logothetis, Jonty Harrison, Elisabeth Schimana, Klaus Hollinez, Thomas Gorbach, Electric Indigo, Ivo Malek, Denis Dufour, Katharina Klement, Caroline Profanter, Martina Claussen, Patrick K.-H and next generation Elak Wien.

Spatialisation by Jonathan Pager, Thomas Gorbach and Theodoros Lotis


My composition 'dots&lines' will be performed on saturday the 17.9.2016 at the
in Argentinia

Literature and Sound, 9.7.2016 at MuseumsQuartier Wien

with Jasna Dimitrijević, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Jörg Zemmler, Zoltán Lesi, Verena Dürr, And Pawe, Nicole Szolga, Michael Bodenstein, Eva Schörkhuber, Birgit Michlmayr, Alex. Riener, Ursula Knoll, Sofija Živković, Elena Messner and Martina Claussen

Sommerkonzert Elak, 1.7.2016 at Moe, Wien

Martina Claussen Live- Elektronik, Benedek Gáspár Saxophone

VOX HUMANA: Acousmatic Concert at the Chiesa di san Cristoforo with the Acousmonium AUDIOR (Dante Tanzi, Eraldo Bocca) in Lodi, Italy, 18.6.2016

with compositions by Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena Alberto Prezzati Alice Calm Yuka Nagamatsu Martina Claussen Livia Giovaninetti Sergey Suhovik Yang SiYu Gyula Pintèr Alberto Stiglitz Romina Daniele Denis Dufour Tomonari Higaki Annette Vande Gorne Sam Salem Manfredi Clemente Jose Manuel Berenguer Dante Tanzi Fabien Saillard Chiaki Amano Alexandre Yterce.

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 16.6 2016

My piece "dots&lines" was selected by the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2016 and was performed on the 16.6.2016. Sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York City.

NIÑOS CONSENTIDOS WIEN - Festival, 6.May 2016 at Brick5 Vienna

Soloperformance for voice and live-electronics.

Experimental and interdisciplinary Arts-Festival with Larissa Mathis, Mona Matbou-Riahi & Matija Schellander, Sööt/Zeyringer, Crocanti, Baron l Neuhuber, Elisa Andessner, Barbara Füreder und Martina Claussen.

Akusmatica Wien - Paris II Jetzt oder Nie, Alte Schmiede Wien 23.4.2016

Acousmatic concert with works by:

Denis Dufur

Dieter Kaufmann

Ming Wang

Martina Claussen

Astrid Schwarz

Elzbieta Sikora


Soundwalk and 'Electronic Teatime', Vienna 27.2.2016

Curated by Martina Claussen, Caroline Profanter, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Theda Schifferdecker and Anna Steiden (auf Karenz)



CD-Project: Vox Humana - Inventing forgotten languages, released by the label obs, 1.November 2015

Out now: Very happy that one of my compositions is part of this wonderful collective CD-Project.

Online sound poetry magazine: `Hüllkurven´, released November 2015

My new piece "Rushhour" has been released by the online sound poetry magazine `Hüllkurven´, November 2015

aNOther festival 2015 / Vienna, 7.November 2015

Composition / Improvisation:                                                                                                        Martina Claussen: voice and electronics / Richard Pfadenhauer: piano

Festival Futura 2015 in Crest/France, 20.-22. August 2015

My piece "dots&lines" has been selected for the International Festival Futura 2015 in Crest, France and was played by Nathanaelle Raboisson on the Acousmonium Motus on the 21.8.2015

Electric Orpheus Academy in Austria, July 2015

Final concerts of the Electric Orpheus Academy, July 2015 at 'Altes Sägewerk', Rapottenstein, (A)

with: Caroline Profanter, Wolfgang Musil, Günther Rabl, Daniel Lercher, Martin Gasser, Martina Claussen, Jakob Schauer, Michael Moser, Limpe Fuchs, Thomas Mayr, Oliver Grimm, Vinzenz Schwab

"Soundscapes & Sound Identities 2015", International Symposium, Italy 22.-24. Mai 2015

My compositions "#opera" and "dots&lines", which both consist entirely of the human voice, have been chosen for the International Symposium Soundscapes & Sound Identities 2015 in Trentino, Italy.

23.5.2015 ELEKRONIK TEATIME with Caroline Profanter, Valery Vermeulen, Massimiliano Viel, Wolfgang Dorninger, Martina Claussen and Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

live broadcasted on Radio Papesse 

Radio Papesse, Italy Friday 9pm 22.May 2015

Livestreaming of the concert at the International Festival Soundscapes & Sound Identities, May 2015 Italy

Temporary art radio station Radiophrenia, Glasgow/Scotland 17.April 2015 (13.30pm)

Broadcasting of my piece "dots&lines", which consists entirely of my own voice.


Workshop at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, April 2015

Workshop about Stage Performance (open to the public)

Performance: 'it's just like waking up to reality' Porgy&Bess, Strenge Kammer, Vienna, Nov.2014

Vernissage: Mahdieh Bayat 

Martina Claussen vocals

Richard Pfadenhauer piano

Johannes Kretz electronics


Concert, Palais Ferstel Vienna June 2014

Concert with Arias und Duets by W.A.Mozart with Violetta Kowal and Peter Thunhart

Concert, Palais Ferstel Vienna April 2014

Concert with Arias und Duets by W.A.Mozart with Violetta Kowal and Peter Thunhart

Song Cycle "Plop Music" by Harald Huber, Wien Porgy & Bess, Mai 2012

"Plop Music" - Ein Liederzyklus der besonderen Art:

Harald Huber: Composer, piano

Ingrid Oberkanins: drums, percussion

Martina Claussen: vocals

Premiere of "Bix and the Boys" by Franz Koglmann, Radiokulturhaus Wien, 24.11 2012

Premiere of "Bix and the Boys" by Franz Koglmann. Four songs for Mezzosoprano and piano. Text  Ronald Pohl.

Concert: 10 years ipop-institut MDW

Do, 8. November 2012

19:30 Joseph Haydn Saal (Einlass 19:00):


„Saxofour“ (Wolfgang Puschnig, Christian Maurer, Klaus Dickbauer, Martin Fuss)

„Blox“ (Harald Huber, Andreas Schreiber, Gina Schwarz Gäste: Wolfgang Reisinger, Ingrid Oberkanins, Habib Samandi, Martina Claussen)

„ipop-five” (Patricia Simpson, Elfi Aichinger, Stephan Gleixner, Juci Janoska, Philipp Sageder)

“The Organ Jams“ (Erwin Schmidt, Wolfgang Pointner, Martin Fuss, Horst-Michael Schaffer, Andi Weiss)

“Jazzista” (Gina Schwarz, Martin Fuss, Robert Bachner, Heimo Trixner, Hepi Kohlich, Harry Tanschek)

“Wonderbrass” – A Tribute To Lester Bowie (Ltg. Horst-Michael Schaffer)

Anschließend DJ Line (Michael Huber, Albin Janoska, …)

"voice-things", Wien 2011

Compositions und Performances for voice and electronics

Cooperation between the Department of Voice in Music Education (Antonio Salieri) and the Department of Composition and Electroacoustics of the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

Collaboration with Karlheinz Essl 

"Voices in between", Musikverein Wien, Gläserner Saal 14.1.2010

Stimme und Elektronik im Dialog

Cooperation between the Department of Voice in Music Education (Antonio Salieri) and the Department of Composition and Electroacoustics of the University of Music and Performing Arts, 
Musikverein, Gläserner Saal 14.1. 2010

Collaboration with Karlheinz Essl and Johannes Kretz

Joseph-Haydn-Festival "Il Mondo della Luna" - music theatre project Wien 2009

Interdisciplinary music theatre project:

Cooperation between the University of Music und Performing Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Haydn and music theatre from different perspectives:

  • Multimedia
  • Improvisation
  • Dance
  • Opera/Theatre

...a voyage of discovery.....

Concert in Sibiu, European Capital of Culture 2007 - Romania, Oktober 2007

Anna Ryan, Sopran 

Martina Claussen, Mezzosopran

Peter Widholz, Tenor

Dieter Schnebel: Concert: Songs with text by Ingeborg Bachmann, Musikverein Wien, Juni 2006

Martina Claussen, mezzo-soprano 

Markus Holzer, saxophone 
Johannes Marian, piano 
Berndt Thurner, percussion

Dieter Schnebel: Concert: Songs with text by Ingeborg Bachmann; 27.5.2005 Roma, Italy

Martina Claussen: mezzo-soprano

Markus Holzer: saxophone

Johannes Marian: piano

Berndt Thurner: percussion

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria - Wien, 4. Juni 2004

Antonio Vivaldi: Die 4 Jahreszeiten:

Ernst Kovacic  solo violin 

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria:

Maria Szepesi, soprano    

Martina Claussen, alto

Premiere: Dieter Schnebel: Songs with text by Ingeborg Bachmann, Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien, Oktober 2003

Martina Claussen, mezzo-soprano 

Markus Holzer, saxophone 

Johannes Marian, piano 

Berndt Thurner, percussion 


Charles Ives: The Celestial Country, Vienna, Konzerthaus - Großer Saal, 11.Oktober 1992

Cornelia HOSP (Sopran/soprano)
Ingrid HASELBERGER (Sopran/soprano)
Michaela SCHUSTER (Alt/alto)
Martina CLAUSSEN (Alt/alto)
Kurt AZESBERGER (Tenor/tenor)
Gerd KENDA (Tenor/tenor)
Wolfram DERNTL (Bass/bass)
Johannes GISSER (Bass/bass)
Thomas SCHMÖGNER (Orgel/Organ)
Balàzs SZOKOLAY (Klavier/Piano)
Wiener Singakademie (Chor/choir)
Arcus Ensemble (Ensemble/ensemble)
Savaria Symphonieorchester (Orchester/orchestra)
Dirigent/conductor: Albert HOSPPeter EÖTVÖS

Premiere: "Ad te, Domini" by Wolfram Wagner, Internationale Kirchenmusiktage Herzogenburg 1992

"Ad te, Domine" by Wolfram Wagner. Psalm 27 for Soli, Chor and Orchestra (1992)

Soprano: Anna Korondi

Alto: Martina Claussen

Tenor: Sung Whan Cho

Bass: Walter Wegscheider

ORF-Symphonieorchester, ORF-Chor / Erwin Ortner ORF NÖ


Alexander Zemlinsky: Geburtstag der Infantin" Volksoper Wien, 1992

Inszenierung Adolf Dresen

Donna Clara: Ulrike Steinsky

Ghita Gouvernante: Mirjana Irosch

Don Estoban: Wicus Slabbert

Der Zweg: Kurt Schreibmayer

Gespielin: Martina Claussen